Enduro Registration

Enduro Registration

Enduro Registration/License Application $10,000 to Win!*

Registration Fee: $150 (required with application) Starting position based on order of entry & fee paid. Fill-out completely and email to: putnamracewayinc@gmail.com Mail: Putnam Raceway Inc., P.O. Box 339, Hawthorne, FL 32640 Or fill out online application www.putnamraceway.com

I do agree, by signing this application form, that I will abide by all of the rules and regulations as set forth by Putnam Raceway, Inc., for this event, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. I have, or will have, familiarized myself with all of the rules and regulations including car specifications and safety rules, and I specifically agree to abide by all the Putnam Raceway, Inc., Enduro rules.

  2. I agree that I shall be the sole spokesperson for myself, the car owner, and the crew in all matters pertaining to compliance with the rules and regulations and I agree and understand that I am responsible for the conduct of my crew.

  3. I agree and understand that by submitting my race car for various technical and safety inspections that the race car meets all the rules and regulations for participation in Putnam Raceway, Inc.’s Enduro event. I also understand that the burden of proof will rest upon me to show that I am in compliance with all of the Putnam Raceway’s Enduro rules and regulations, and I understand violation of various rules can result in fine, loss of money or awards from the event, and loss of registration fees.

  4. I understand that there is no express or implied warranty of safety resulting from publication or compliance with the Putnam Raceway Inc., Enduro rules and that they are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

  5. I agree that all decisions of Putnam Raceway, Inc. race officials or track officials regarding the interpretation and application of the Enduro rules, and the scoring of positions shall be non-litigable. I further agree that I will not initiate any type of legal action against Putnam Raceway, Inc., or to challenge such decisions, to seek monetary damages, to seek injunctive relief or to seek any other kind of legal remedy. I understand that if I pursue any such legal action, which violates this provision, then I expressly agree to reimburse Putnam Raceway, Inc. for all of its attorney’s fees and costs in defending against such legal action.

* $10,000 to win assumes 75 entrants. If there are less than 75 entrants, the purse will be adjusted pro-rata.

** We will contact you if your 1st choice for car number has already been taken (first-come, first-served).


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