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Thank you for your interest in working at Putnam Raceway

We will primarily be holding events on Friday evenings from March thru November. Please look at our schedule of events to ensure you can accommodate the 2021 season before submitting an application. Open positions are as follows and have varying pays based on skill level and experience. Some will be hourly, flat rate per night, and some percentage of sales. Please list what position you are applying for:

  • Concessions
  • Custodians
  • Gate Keepers
  • Ticket Sales
  • Scorekeeper- prior experience necessary
  • 50/50 Ticket Sales
  • Souvenir Stand Sales Clerk

*Any positions involving money you must have prior experience and be able to pass an aptitude test.

Please fill out the form below or download application and email it back to putnamracewayinc@gmail.com. You can do either but not both. If your application is chosen we will send you an invite for an interview.

Employment Application


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