Race Results for 04/16/2022

Race Results for 04/16/2022

What an amazing night of racing! The DAARA cars made their debut tonight and put on a great show. The kids loved getting to meet some great racing heroes! Thank you to all the drivers that came out tonight and our wonderful fans!! You all have a blessed Resurrection Day tomorrow!

Late Models

  1. Jason Garver
  2. Paul Shead
  3. Tim Brown
  4.    Chuck Jackson

UMP Modifieds

  1. Wesley Duboise
  2. Clint Gillen
  3. Josh Kunstbeck
  4. Jason Garver
  5. Justin Galbreath
  6. Nate Huffingham
  7. Shane Nicholas
  8. Todd Neiheiser
  9. Jim Manka

Street Stocks

  1. Zach Yakaboski
  2. Kevin Mills
  3. Jonathan Green
  4. Michael Donne

Thunder Stocks

  1. Jason Garver
  2. William Edwards
  3. Donald Hoyt
  4. Stephen Copeland
  5. Anthony Moreno

Real Stocks

  1. Travis Phinney
  2. CJ Nelson
  3. Jack Miller
  4. Gerrard Haley
  5. Erick Laurange