Inaugural River Run Results

Inaugural River Run Results

Even though mother nature wasn’t in our favor for racing today, we did have a great night of racing last night.

As Putnam Raceway is dedicated to give everyone the best show possible. We couldn’t do it without the continued support from of our sponsors, staff, drivers, and fans.

This week we’ve had several sponsors step in and give extra prizes to the drivers, give out discount coupons to fans, donate their time at the track. We would like to give some recognition to some of them: Sunoco Racing Fuels sponsored our Thunder Stock heat race winners with a racing fuel jug and fuel, Depriest A/C and Heating donated money to our Real Stock Feature Winner, Beck Automotive Group for giving out discount coupons to the fans.  Everyone’s support is greatly appreciated.

Come join us next Friday, April 16th for some more action packed racing at “The Clip”.

Here are the results for Friday night’s racing.

Late Models

  1. 5-Mark Whitener
  2. 46-Doug Horton
  3. 02-Nevin Gainey
  4. J0-Joel Nobles
  5. 38-Garrett Mosley
  6. 51-Mark Steube
  7. 11K-Josh Kunstbeck
  8. 429-Tim Brown
  9. 51A-Larry Anderson

Street Stocks

  1. 118-David Showers Jr
  2. 04-Bubba Christian
  3. 74-Jason Garver
  4. 13-Jonathan Green
  5. 007-Chris Doane
  6. 4-Chris Voegl
  7. 50-Timmy Harrell
  8. 16-Patrick Mennenga
  9. (DNS) Bobby Cable

V8 Thunder Stocks

  1. 01-Jason Garver
  2. 18-David Showers Sr
  3. 91C-Bubba Christian
  4. 34-Shane Guessford
  5. 8P-James Parrish
  6. 08-William Edwards
  7. X-Chad Scranton
  8. 114-John Thorpe
  9. 30-Jack Depriest
  10. 20-Larry Isgette
  11. 4-Jeff Baer
  12. 66-Dave Dowling Sr
  13. 91L-Bobby Layman
  14. 118-Ron Adams
  15. 41-Robert O’Neail
  16. 55B-Daron Bailey
  17. 8G-Justin Guessford
  18. 30-Chris Jeune
  19. 00Z-Charles Zook

(DNS)55T-Lance Thorpe
(DNS)419-Derek Hullett

V8 Real Stocks

  1. 73-Joseph Watson V
  2. 44X-Daniel Baldwin
  3. 08JR-Jeremy Brown
  4. 99-Gerrard Haley
  5. 44-Austin Baldwin

4 Cylinder Gladiators

  1. 41-John Pedaggi
  2. 62-Tracy Maynard
  3. X-Nathan Rhoades
  4. 22L-Jeremy Lanier
  5. 68L-Hunter Lovelady
  6. X5-James Strehle
  7. 02-Tonya Sowles
  8. 22S-Aaron Souther
  9. 17-Gage Catanzaro
  10. 31-Camryn Kight
  11. 12-Dustin Childers
  12. 20C-Tim Cook

(DNS) 81-Steve Cox